RAVPower® RP-UA01 Smart & Swift PC USB Charger for iPad / IPad 2 / The New iPad / iPhone Series / Most Smartphones

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RAVPower RP-UA01 Smart & Swift PC USB Charger for iPad / IPad 2 / The New iPad / iPhone Series / Most Smartphones

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As an industry leader in Laptop Portable Power Solutions, we strive to offer every customer with the most reliable devices at affordable prices that value the customer need for service and support from a trusted brand, which is the RAVPower™ Promise.

Why choose RP-UA01?

1. As we all know that iPads can not charge via USB Port on PC except Mac, in fact the USB ports can recharge an iPad but very very slow and the issue is simply that the iPad has heftier charging requirements than iPods and iPhones, and most USB ports--especially those on older computers and USB hubs--don't provide enough power to charge the iPad during use,
2. RP-UA01 USB Charging Adapter is the only adapter available that allows your iPads charging through any USB port
3. Not only can be used to charge iPads, but also can shorten the charging time of iPhone and most other smart phones compare to directly charging via USB port.
4. Small and smart design, a perfect item for travelers and business people.

1. Convenience & Useful

RAVPower PC USB Charger RP-UA01 allows you to charge your iPad/ iPad 2 via a USB 2.0/ 3.0 port① on your PC directly (desktop or laptop) when you do not have the AC adapter or a Mac at hand.
2. Charge Smart, Charge Efficiently
It is able to identify the connected external device and smartly imitates the original AC charging mode of this charged device, which means RAVPower RP-UA01, can provide various types of charging power current depending on the connected devices, instead of the regular 500mAh by the normal USB port. This innovative design can significantly raises the charging efficiency while still protecting your device from over-charging risks. With this product, some mobile devices can be charged up to 2 times as fast as connected directly to a PC's USB port②.
3. Charging and Sync - switch at will    
It works in 2 switchable modes: charging and sync. You can change the working mode by simply pressing the built-in button and the dual-colored LED light will show the current working mode. Red light refers to the charging model, and green light refers to the sync mode. RP-UA01 is designed to have the default charging model each time it’s connected to your device so that it can avoid any unwanted data sync risk.
4. Smart & Safe
Designed with the over current limit and short circuit protection, it ensures charging safety of both your PC and mobile devices.
5. Plug & Charge
RAVPower RP-UA01 is designed to be delicate, portable and extremely convenient: it requires neither installation of drivers nor any setting on your PC.
6. Full Speed Sync
The high bandwidth in the sync mode allows the same data transfer speed as the device is connected directly to PC's USB port.

- Brand: RAVPower
- Model No.: RP-UA01
- Dimension: 48*24*11mm
- Weight: 10g
- Input Voltage: DC 4.5V-5.5V
- Output Voltage: DC4.4V-5.5V
- Over current limit: ≤DC 1.4A
- Short protection response time: 2μs
- Working temperature: -10 ºC -- 60 ºC
- Meet the Battery Charging Specification BC1.2 for DCP
- USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatible

Package includes:
- 1*USB Adapter
- 1*User Manual
- *Lanyard