Laser Barcode Scanner 9800

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Wholesale and dropship factory direct laser barcode scanner at low price on NearbyExpress..


New wholesale Laser Barcode Scanner with USB connection for use with computers. This bar code scanner is designed for small businesses, retail shops, and individual users who want to better organize and maintain product inventory. Use it for point of sale terminals, tracking stock levels, and much more.
This special bar code scanner can read every industry standard product/inventory code you need for product and inventory control (including UPC, EAN, and many more). This makes it a must-have item for any family owned retail shop, small business or professional dropshipper who handles a variety of goods on a daily basis. With this Laser Barcode Scanner you can do all of the following:

-Keep Track of Product Stock Levels

-Provide Better Customer Service

-Prevent Loss (called “shrinkage” in the retail business)

-Track Sales History, Product Turnover Rates

-Better Handle Shipping and Logistics



-Housing material: ABS plastic.
-Simple installation , keyboard wedge, serial, wand emulation.
-Ergonomic design, comfortable feel to grip.
-Superior keyboard wedge interface, compatible with NOVELL automatically.
-Auto detection of the type of computer.
-Over 180 configurable options.
-Supports over twenty different keyboard country layouts.
-Map bar code to any key on the keyboard.
-Supports editing, operations include ( insert , stripping , filtering , convert case )
-Programmable preamble, and termination strings.
-READ / NON-READ indicators ( Buzzer and LED ).
-Quick to decoding and reading the code.
-Extended ASCII support for code 128 bar codes.
-Low power consumption.