Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555

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Dell replacement laptop keyboard to perfectly replace your existing factory part. Fits models 1545 1555. Easy DIY project for anyone needing to fix a dell notebook.

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Product Name: Factory-direct Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555

Wholesale Factory-direct Laptop Keyboard at NearbyExpress

New factory-direct Laptop Keyboard at low price at NearbyExpress. This wholesale Laptop Keyboard is a genuine OEM version of the one that originally came with your computer and is guaranteed to be a perfect fit, just like the original computer part!

Why You Need This Factory Direct Replacement Laptop Keyboard

Is it time to replace your computer’s keyboard? Is your current one missing a few buttons? Does it have a few keys that stopped working? Perhaps your kids (or you) spilled soda or coffee on it so that it stopped functioning properly? Or everyone’s favorite sign that it’s time to get a new one - the paint on the keys is so worn down that that you cannot read the letters on the anymore? Whatever the reason for needing a replacement laptop part, we have just what you need with our genuine factory-direct laptop / notebook / netbook keyboards, then buy a new laptop keyboard as a backup is definitely a necessity.

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Wholesale and dropship factory direct laptop accessories at low price at NearbyExpress. When you order this Replacement Laptop Keyboard from NearbyExpress you will get a low china wholesale price, a full manufacturer’s warranty and our satisfaction guarantee. So why wait? Login or open a new account now and place the order for the laptop accessories you need. Everything you purchase from our website, including this Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555, is stocked in our regional warehouses for immediate shipment directly to you or your customers. So place an order now and the distribution center in your region will pack and send it out to the destination you choose within 24-hours after your payment has been processed.

Item Summary

-> Factory direct Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555
-> 100% perfect fit guarantee
-> China wholesale factory direct low price at NearbyExpress

China Manufacturer Specifications

-> Product Description: Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555
-> Status: New, in US layout
-> Color: Black
-> Ribbon comes with the cable
-> Warranty: 1 year

Fits Laptop Models

-> Dell Studio Series:

Compatible Part Numbers

-> NSK-DCL01

Frequently Asked Questions

-> Q: Is this model just like the one that originally shipped with my laptop / notebook / netbook computer?
-> A: Yes. We source only genuine factory-direct OEM batteries from the same companies that supply the major brands (Dell, Sony, HP, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, etc.).

-> Q: Does this keyboard come from DELL?
-> A: No. However it does come from the OEM factory that supplies many official DELL Laptop parts and this keyboard works even better than the Acer original ones.


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-> Order processed and shipped within 24 hours
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Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555 can replace the following part numbers: (Please use "Ctrl + F"):

  • NSK-DCL01

Laptop Keyboard for Dell Models 1545 1555 can replace the following models: (Please use "Ctrl + F"):

  • Dell Studio Series
    • 1545
    • 1555