Universal AC 90W Adapter 2-Prong US Version

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Product Name: Wholesale Universal AC 90W Adapter 2-Prong US Version



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1. Stabilized output, low ripple & low interference
2. Adjustable output voltage
3. High efficiency & low energy consumption
4. LED Voltage Display
5. With 10 interchangeable tips
6. USB Port



7LED lights                                      
Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz

Output: 12/16/18/19/20/22/24V MAX: 5A


with 7LED lights & 2 USB: 5V/1A   


Frequently Asked Questions:

-> Q: Is this model just like the one that originally shipped with my laptop / notebook / netbook computer?
-> A: Yes. We manufacture and source only genuine factory-direct OEM batteries from the same companies that supply the brands (Dell, Sony, HP, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, etc.).

-> Q: What’s the meaning of 2-prong?
-> A: It means that the power cord has a grounded “U.S. style” power plug on the end.

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