Laptop AC Adapter for Dell Precision Series (Part No. PA-10, 90W 19.5V 4.62A)

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Replacement Dell PA-10 90W 19.5V 4.62A 7.4*5.0 central pin 3-Prong US Version

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New Laptop AC Adapter for your Dell Precision portable computer. This replacement power adapter is a genuine OEM version of the one that came with your Dell Precision (Models M20, M60, M65, M70, M4300) when it left the factory, meaning that it’s guaranteed to be a perfect fit, just like the original computer part!

Do you need an extra Laptop Power Adapter to keep at home or the office? Or perhaps you lost the original AC Adapter for your Notebook Computer when you went on your last out-of-town trip. Whatever the reason, we have the factory direct replacement Laptop Power Adapter you need for the Dell Precision.

Why not spend a little money on a new laptop power adapter to have as a spare at your home or office? With our low factory-direct wholesale price, you owe it to yourself to buy at least one!

When you order from NearbyExpress you get a china wholesale price perfect for the dropship reseller, small business, government agency, computer repair shop, and cost conscience DIY hobbyist. Everything you purchase here, including this Laptop Power Adapter, comes with a full manufacturer 12-month warranty and satisfaction guarantee. So why wait? Place an order now and your regional warehouse will deliver it to your door in as few as 3-days.

Item Summary

  • Laptop Laptop AC Adapter for Dell Precision Series
  • Genuine OEM power adapter is 100% perfect replacement for original part
  • Ideal to carry keep at home or the office so you don’t need to always carry your notebook power adapter around in your bag
  • China wholesale supplier NearbyExpress saves you up to 75% off the retail store price

China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Short Product Title: Wholesale Laptop Power Adapter for Dell Precision Series
  • Product Category: AC Adapter for Laptop / Notebook / Netbook Computers
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Amperage: 4.62A
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Overall Dimensions:
  • Central Pin: 7.4 * 5.0 mm
  • Certification: UL, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001
  • Short URL:
  • UPC Code: YES - contact your account rep

General Usage Notes

  • Use as a Replacement Computer AC Adapter or as a spare, the choice is yours
  • Perfect for dropship sellers – our china wholesale price is up to 75% less than the retail price
  • Comes with a North American grounded 3-prong cable (make sure to add ordering not if you want an EU or other cord type)
  • Available in our warehouse right now, order today and we'll express ship it out tomorrow
  • Like a ruler, calculator or a pair of scissors, an extra Laptop Power Adapter is a tool you'll be glad you have in your bag when you need it

Package Contents

  • Laptop AC Adapter for Dell Precision Series (Part No. PA-10)

Part Number and Model Number Reference Table

  • Compatible Part Numbers [This dell power adapter has been manufactured under all of these part numbers]:
    Part Number: PA-10, NADP-90KB, PA-1900-02D, PA-1900-02D2, U7809, C2894, 9T215, 310-2862, 7W104, 310-399, 09T215, 5U092, PA-1900-04, PA10
  • Compatible Model Numbers [This power adapter has been manufactured for the Dell Precision Series and is also 100% compatible with these other models]:
    Dell Latitude: 100L, D800, D810, D820, D830 - Dell Precision: M20, M60, M65, M70, M4300 - Dell Vostro: 1700 - Dell Inspiron: 1150, 1720, 1721, 8500, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1705

Frequently Asked Questions about Laptop Power Adapters

  • Is this model just like the one that originally shipped with my laptop/notebook/netbook computer?
    Yes. We manufacture and source only genuine OEM Laptop Power Adapters from the same companies that supply the brands (Sony, Dell, HP, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, etc.).

  • Will this work worldwide?
    Yes. This is a 100-240V universal use product. However, you may need a travel adapter to fit sockets standards such as those used in Australia, the U.K., etc.

  • Is there a difference between a Laptop AC Adapter and a Laptop Power Adapter?
    No, they are the same thing. You can also spell Power Adapter as Power Adaptor and AC Adapter as AC Adaptor, it does not matter. The different names just come from the common terms used around the world. In North America you are more likely to see Computer AC Adapter while in the EU you are more likely to see Computer Power Adaptor.

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Product Category:

  • Main: Laptop Accessories
  • Subcategory: Laptop AC Adapter
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Laptop AC Adapter for Dell Precision Series (Part No. PA-10, 90W 19.5V 4.62A) can replace the following part numbers: (Please use "Ctrl + F"):

  • PA-10
  • NADP-90KB
  • PA-1900-02D
  • PA-1900-02D2
  • U7809
  • C2894
  • 9T215
  • 310-2862
  • 7W104
  • 310-399
  • 09T215
  • 5U092
  • PA-1900-04

Laptop AC Adapter for Dell Precision Series (Part No. PA-10, 90W 19.5V 4.62A) can replace the following models: (Please use "Ctrl + F"):

  • Dell Inspiron Series
    • 1150
    • 1720
    • 1721
    • 8500
    • 9200
    • 9300
    • 9400
    • E1705
  • Dell Latitude Series
    • 100L
    • D800
    • D810
    • D820
    • D830
  • Dell Precision Series
    • M20
    • M60
    • M65
    • M70
    • M4300
  • Dell Vostro Series
    • 1700