TaoTronics TT-OA01 Outdoor Amplified VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna with 360 Degree Rotating Motor Rotor and Remote Control, Featuring Low Noise Amplifier, Dual TV Outputs and Reception Ranges Up to 100 Miles

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TaoTronics TT-OA01 Outdoor 360 Degree Rotating Amplified VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna with Motor Rotor and Remote Control, Featuring Low Noise Amplifier and Dual TV Outputs


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- High sensitivity reception for large-range coverage: with super low noise amplifier, it can cover reception ranges up to 100 miles, depending on the terrain though;

- Built-in motor rotor plus infrared remote control provides 360 degree antenna rotation, which enables you to aim at any particular direction and hence pick up the best TV signals;

- Durable and weather-proof: new lightweight but durable material adopted to withstand the abuse from rain, wind and burning sun;

- Dual TV outputs on the control box/power supply allows you to connect to 2 or more TVs with a splitter (not included in the package);

- Perfect for high band VHF/UHF TV signals and FM Radio.



- Frequency(VHF): 40~300MHz

- Frequency(UHF): 470~890MHz

- Gain(VHF): 28~32dB

- Gain(UHF): 32~36dB

- Output Impedance: 75? F-Connector

- Max Output Level: 105 dBµV

- Noise Figure: ≤2.5dB

- Working Voltage: 110V / 60Hz

- DC Input: AC 15-19V

- Max. Antenna Rotation: 360°

- Working Temperature: -10?? ~ 50??


Package includes:

- 1x Main unit

- 1 x Main pole column

- 1 x Motor-fixed bolster

- 1 x square pilt

- 5 x U-frequency viberator

- 5 x Screw (3*10mm)

- 4 x Screw (4*10mm)

- 4 x Screw (M4*12mm)

- 1 x Screw (M4*18mm)

- 1 x Power supply/Control Box

- 1 x Remote controller

- 1 x 75? coaxial cable (39.4 feet)

- 1 x 75? signal wore (4 feet)

- 1 x Instruction Manual

(Important): The rod which holds the antenna is not included in the package. Any rod with the diameter of 20mm~25mm will be perfect to hold the antenna.


Remarks :

- Motor rotator and signal booster cannot be disassembled;

- During installation, please refer to the instruction manual for all the parts and installation guide;

- The 15’ coaxial cable included in the package may be too short for some families; please get a longer coaxial cable or F plug coupler elsewhere to extend the cable length. However, please remember to get premium coaxial cable in order to ensure better signal reception;

- BEWARE: DO NOT 15’ coaxial cable to either of the TV outputs on the power supply to avoid the risk of short circuit;

- For better signal reception, please install TT-OA01 as high as possible, preferably with no high buildings around it. Different Terrain may lead to different signal reception;

- Power supply/control box should be kept 3 feet distance away from the TV to avoid signal interference. Switch it off when you do not use it.