DreSuit ComforPad Natural Bamboo Bed Stand for iPad 2/3/4 for reading in Bed/sofa/couch, Adjustable angle, Easy slide in/out, playing games, watching video, web surfing

Product Information

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SKU: 83-87000-001


Many people enjoy the rich functionalities of the iPad, but few companies had really came up with a revolutionary design that address the problem of holding the iPad while laying down in bed or couches. The DreSuit ComforPad is a lightweight iPad stand that brilliantly solves this problem with a unique holder and adjustable metal support.
The ComforPad is ergonomically designed and carefully constructed using natural bamboos.  Unlike other designs that hang your iPad in the mid air, the ComforPad firmly place the iPad on your chest, pillow side, or thigh area, so it is comfortably within your touch range, especially when playing games or working with interacting apps. No installation, modification, clapping or fitting is needed, simply slide your iPad into the stand and enjoy the comfort.

-Brand: DreSuit
-Model: DSWD0101IP6
-Material: Natural bamboo
-Compatible with: iPad 2/3/4, the new iPad, iPad with Retina display
-View Mode: Landscape and Portrait
-Adjustable range: +/- 60 degrees
-Color: Natural wood
-Dimension: 13.58 x 9.06 x 0.71 inches
-Weight: 0.80 lbs

Package Includes:

-DreSuit ComforPad iPad Stand
-User Manual


-Stand only, iPad is not included
-Cannot be used in conjunction with other iPad cases
-Can also be used as a desktop stand, kitchen iPad stand and other indoor scenarios
-Specifically designed for iPad 2/3/4, does not work with any other tablets.