A new global logistics distribution center for NearbyExpress.com Limited (http://www.nearbyexpress.com) was established yesterday (March 23, 2011), along with a ribbon-cutting ceremony executed by the management team and some business partners.

It’s really a move to achieve the long-term goal which is providing one-stop e-commerce order fulfillment for e-business customers around the world. Let’s have a glimpse of the new warehouse located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.

Firstly, professional environment and improved infrastructure. New warehouse is located in a professional logistics industrial park which consists of multiple first-tier logistics companies. Thus, NearbyExpress ensures customers more professional services thanks to high-level warehouse specialists and delivery systems.

Secondly, higher ceilings and more floor space with specific divisions. It aims at saving time and increasing throughput for quicker and reliable shipments.

Win-Win model for both dropship customers and NearbyExpress. The new global logistics center can provide more professional and time-efficient logistics service for YOU and greatly save the cost of manpower and material resource for US!

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