2.4G RF Wireless MCE Media Center Slim Keyboard (Black)

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An all-featured slim wireless MCE keyboard for use as computer accessories for controlling classroom and media center systems.


2.4G RF Wireless MCE Media Center Slim Keyboard (Black)


Contains the following features:

        3 in 1: Keyboard, mouse and touchpad

        Rechargeable Li-ion batteries: Supports two-week use between charges

        Shorter charge time: Only needs two hours to fully charge the battery

        2.4G DSSS: Enjoys long-range wireless control from up to 10 meters (33 feet) away

        Indicators: Multiple indication lights for signal, data transmission and power

        Touchpad: Point and click functions – high portability with no requirement for mouse

        Backlighting: Effortless text entry – even in low light

        Compact: Perfect size for people on the move

        QWERTY keyboard: Standard keyboard layout for easy and convenient input

        Plug and play


Dropshipper and Reseller Notes:
        Comes with full 12 month warranty
        Stocked in all three regional warehouses for immediate shipment worldwide